Appraisal Training
We offer comprehensive appraisal training for students who at a minimum have experience reading and reviewing appraisals. This training is suited for Underwriters, Processors, Loan Officers and Quality Control Auditors.
Underwriting Training

Underwriting steers, the loan through the complicated analysis of various risks with the goal of producing a salable mortgage. With UHS Conventional and FHA DE intense Underwriting Training, UHS ensures your team has the knowledge and confidence to make a sound underwriting decision.. Accuracy and efficiency in the underwriting process are essential elements to decrease the possibility of non guideline compliance resulting in repurchasing or buy back. The processes used to analyze elements of a loan application are constantly changing due to technological advances, new regulations, and new loan products. UHS’s Instructor with a few decades of underwriting knowledge can help guide your underwriters through these obstacles no matter the evolution to minimize your risks.

We offer Underwriting training for students who at a minimum have two (2) years of current mortgage experience. We highly recommend this type of training for Non-Delegated lenders who will convert to a Fully Delegated lender, lender who wish to promote within or on going operational personnel investing. Call us today to get more information, our program, and class schedule.