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UHS America provided due diligence portfolio reviews performing a Forensic Audit. We provide a complete analytical review of your mortgage transaction, focusing on areas statistically probable to show non-compliance or fraud. Identifying these deficiencies gives you power in any negotiation to possibly modify or nullify your mortgage loan.

UHS will perform an in-depth forensic review of aged performing or non-performing loans. The objective the review will be to conform compliance with GSE’s charter and delivery terms including, product/pricing restrictions and lender specific restrictions. UHS will also review for any misrepresentations in regards to credit, employment, income, collateral and occupancy. UHS will verify borrowers have been properly qualified on Interagency Loans as well compare the documentation found in the credit file to the data submitted to the AUS.

Forensic underwriting is a process used by lenders to determine what went wrong with a mortgage or loan. Post-funding loan examinations not only uncover potential fraud and misrepresentations, but help identify opportunities for improvements in the loan origination process. A forensic underwriter assesses the risk associated with securities and look for fraud or other issues that could affect the performance of mortgage bank securities.