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UHS America The Leader in Quality Control…Experience Counts

UHS America – The industry leader in Post-Closing and Pre-Funding Audits. Use the company that you can trust with over 200 years of combined Mortgage Banking, FHA/HUD, Agency, and Quality Control Assurance experience. QC audits by our Seasoned Staff ensure your loans are always in compliance.


UHS America is founded on integrity, quality, and accuracy. We are the leaders in quality assurance with a stellar reputation and more than a decade of generating quality control reports teeming with practical information for our clients and accepted by HUD and the GSEs. At UHS America, we exceed customer expectations by providing superior service and a demonstrated passion for excellence and uncompromised value.


The next generation of mortgage lenders requires an unprecedented level of checks and balances. UHS America is your protective partner for originating quality loans while delivering exceptional service.